My Little, White Laptop

Megan DeWitt, Contributing Writer

My computer is my best friend.
We share each other’s secrets,
We stay up late at night together.
We whisper our dreams to each other,
We giggle at funny videos,
My computer is my best friend,
Or at least, it was.
I started doing less and less “fun” things.
Less writing, less YouTube, less drawing.
Now I’m doing school, and presentations, and essays.
Now when I try to get onto my online school sessions, my internet just suddenly stops working “for no reason.”
Now, it struggles to load documents and pull up the notes I need for my slides.
I ask my computer why it’s doing this to me,
And despite its silence, I know it’s laughing at me,
Mocking me with a blank, white loading screen.
“I’m going to miss my meeting!” I cry.
It shrugs at me, unbothered.
“I will replace you!” I threaten,
But it rolls its eyes and scoffs.
“No you won’t.” It smirks. “You like your rainbow cat sticker too much to risk ruining it.”
It hurts because it’s true.
“Good luck with school tomorrow!” It sings as I close all my tabs,