Chasity McCaleb


Something that we often take for granted.

Wasting days, weeks, possibly even months simply pushing things off


“ It’s just another day, I can do it tomorrow.”


Thousands of days we take for granted simply because we assume we have thousands more

Our own expectations, causing us to falter.

A life that we were gifted with, a life that must some day come to an end


And why? Why do we continue this…

Why do we continue to waste our lives away

Drowning ourselves further into the depths of the unknown

In our own fear.

Wallowing in an ocean of regret caused by our fears

Fears that we are ironically too afraid to conquer


“ I’ll do it tomorrow I swear.”


Ignorant to the time we are not putting to use

Ignorant to what little of it we have left.

Time goes by.

Time that we will never get back.

Days. Weeks. Months…



“ There’s still plenty of time, I can do it later.”


Further you descend into the abyss

Regrets building on top of you as the time you have to rid them… withers

It is not until you are laying there, unable to move

Where your ignorance finally seems to have faded

Beneath the rubble of your fear, where you once seeked refuge

You stand at a point where your biggest regret that sits at top of the pile

Is the regret of your ignorance of time.

But that’s okay

“ There’s always tomorrow.”