I Remember

Ehven Marques

The following poem was written as an English 12 assignment. The poem is of the author’s first heartbreak when his dog was given away because of a new addition to the family.


I remember the scent of your thin fur as you smiled your way through the living room

I can still hear your paws prancing on the marble floor at lunch time

I still remember the feeling of joy when you were the first thing I saw as I opened the front door.

To some this is just a thorn in their foot; I wish it was the same for me.

For I did not know what I had until you were gone.


I remember how you comforted me, how you would lick my hand after a petting.

I loved you, always being the first to run towards me when I scraped my knees

Never leaving my bedside at night,

And all you asked for was a piece of my danish, nothing more

I wish you didn’t go

Because when you did, you dragged a piece of me away.


One bright morning I woke up, but where were you?

You never left my side until that day, until my mom brought me the news.

“He is with a new family now.”

Standing there numbed with tears, I couldn’t believe you were gone.

Without a warning, without a care in the world, you were sold away like property


I remember the bland days go by.

It only hurt more when I scraped my knees, knowing no one was coming for me

Eating the whole danish

Having a quiet lunch time

It just wasn’t the same, like there was a hole in my heart

I always wondered if you felt the same way.


Until the next life….RIP Buck.