Wiz Khalifa Lights Up Stage

Avery Trujillo, Reporter

When my Newswriting teacher nonchalantly asked if I wanted a free ticket, courtesy of MOXIE, to review a concert, I jumped at the chance. Little did I realize that my very first concert experience would almost make me forget that I had a job to do that night.

Expecting to have a seat in the nosebleed section of the concert hall, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found myself only a mere few feet away from the stage.

Guest performers The Grouch, Eligh, and Chevy Woods worked to keep the crowd pumped up by playing popular songs like Cypress Hill’s “Roll It Up” and Drake’s “Headlines.” Despite their talented performances, two hours was just too long to wait for one of my favorite American rappers to make his appearance.

It wasn’t soon enough when Pittsburgh-native Cameron Thomas, better known as Wiz Khalifa, finally stepped onto the stage.

Mirroring RHS’ military dependent population, myself included, Wiz Khalifa was a self-professed military brat whose globe trotting lifestyle placed him in three different countries before settling in Pittsburgh. In a recent interview with Honolulu Pulse, he stated that his traveling experiences “opened him up” to a lot of different kinds of thinking.

Khalifa’s honest lyrics and real-life experiences makes it easy for his fans to connect to his music. He perfectly executed songs from his new Rolling Papers album like “Roll Up” and his next single “No Sleep.”

The concert was similar to a rave scene, with flashing, colorful lights and smoke machines as I felt the vibrations from the speakers reverberate through my body. Surrounded by screaming fans, they waved their arms in the air,  signaling the infamous Taylor Gang sign.

When Wiz Khalifa addressed the throng of people who were there to see him, he spoke warmly, welcoming new “Taylor’s” into his growing group.

It was Khalifa’s first concert in Hawaii and hopefully, this young rapper will make a repeat performance in the islands again.