School Offers 19 Clubs

Addison Jackson, Reporter

If you’re looking to get involved in school, you can have your pick among 19 clubs at campus.
Anime, music, a chance to make new friends, learn about a new culture, and trips are some benefits that the Japanese Club has to offer.
“An important thing to note is that anyone who joins the club does not need to know the Japanese language,” English teacher and adviser Mr. Keith Nunokawa said. “As long as they’re interested they may join.”
“Our main goal for the club is to raise money so we may all attend Kawaii Kon, the local anime convention, coming up May of next year,” Mr. Nunokawa said. “Our club also attended the bon dance held at Aiea Hongwanji, and it definitely was a new experience for everyone seeing something from the Japanese culture up-close and in-person. If you are interested, you can come to room 303 anytime either during TASK, recess, lunch, in the morning, or after school.”
If you have a passion and ability for math then Mu Alpha Theta, advised by math teacher Mr. Grant Takiguchi, may be for you.
“Mu Alpha Theta offers a chance for students to compete against other students from other schools in a series of challenging math competitions,” Mr. Takiguchi said. “Students have the chance to participate in seven competitions, which are spread out through the school year at different schools throughout the state, including private and public schools. There is a JV level for 9th and 10th graders and a varsity level, which is for 9th-12th graders. Students practice problems to prepare for the competitions.”
If you want to give back to the community, the Interact Club is a good place to start.  Members meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month in room 134 during lunch.
Some clubs may require dues in order to pay for trips in addition to having members participate in community service. Spanish Club dues are $5 which will pay for club T-shirts.
“Hispanic culture is not just one, but a product of many countries,” adviser Mrs. Nancy Wahineokai said. “We’re going to try to explore as many as we can. Spanish Club is designed to give you a bit of Hispanic culture, food, music, holidays, crafts, and fashion, as well as language. Spanish Club will offer you new friendships, now and in the future, and a broader world view.”
Furthermore, all school sanctioned clubs need to do community service for the school as well as for the community each quarter. Clubs are required to take turns cleaning up after a school assembly sometime during the school year.