Builders shape recycled wood back to life


Adison Pieske (12) took about two months to create a table top using wood he found on campus and bottle caps from work.Photo by Lauren Galdeano

Lauren Galdeano, Duncan Rodda, Reporters

Building and Construction students worked on a quarter long project that forced them to recycle, while using their carpentry skills.

Teacher Kapuni Patcho assigned a pallet wood project emphasizing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle).

“I wanted kids not constantly buying things,” he said.

Students were tasked to build a piece of furniture out of pallet wood.

“We used recycled pallet wood from all over  the school,” Skyler Pacheco (12) said, who found his materials on campus.

Students had to take the wood apart, and refinish it, Patcho said.

Adison Pieske (12) took the project a step further by also recycling bottle caps. “I got all the caps from my work,” he said. Pieske took about two months to complete his table top.