Winter Sports Recognize Most Valuable Players


Brandon Campbell (12) is four-year basketball player who played for me as a JV player his freshman year and then again this past season in his senior year. It was so great to watch him grow as a player and a person. He was a dedicated captain who always did more than what was asked of him. He stepped up physically this season by defending in the post and grabbing rebounds. He was a fantastic free throw shooter who always managed to find his way to the free throw line when the game was on the line. It was an honor to coach this young man and he has a bright future.” Coach David Lane

Jazmyn Peralta (12) was a four-year varsity team member and one of our  team captains this year, chosen by her coaches and teammates to take on that role.  Along with her fierce competitiveness and naked desire to win on the court, ‘Little Jaz’ showed up for practice daily, unafraid to work hard and trying to keep herself and her teammates focused on having a strong season. She was a good example of a student-athlete in that she had her priorities straight and kept a high grade point average in the classroom and appropriate character off the court while still showing commitment and tough work ethic on the court. It was pretty obvious that LJ wanted to have a memorable senior year by the way she conducted herself on and off the court. We emphasize that one of our main goals should be to better ourselves from who we were yesterday, or last year.  As her coach, I could see that while she  wasn’t perfect in every way, LJ was making a conscious effort to better herself and her teammates and that’s part of what a good team captain does. I held her to a higher standard this year and got on her case a lot, but she is ever-tough and took responsibility for herself and bounced back–every time. I appreciated her mental toughness and how she was willing to take on the role of a leader that the team needed.  After her time here, LJ has represented Radford High School and herself with discipline, respect, and responsibility, and leaves a legacy she can look back at with pride. She will be missed and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes with the things she has learned.” Coach Charles Chong

“After coming to his first paddling practice Brian Acasio (12) didn’t know what to expect for this was a brand new experience for Brian. Eager to learn a new sport, he is one of the fastest learning students I have ever seen in Paddling. His advancement quickly earned him a first string spot in the Junior Varsity starting crew in his 10th grade year. He always tries to push his body and abilities to the next level, with one goal, to perform at his best every time he steps into the canoe. In the next two years at the varsity level he would push himself to be one of the top paddlers at RHS and helped motivate his team to the highest position in the OIA as the 5th ranking boys team in the state of Hawaii. Brain Acasio is our 2016 Paddling MVP because he understands the commitment and sacrifices that he made, in putting his team first before himself. And, without his team he wouldn’t be the person and athlete he is today.” Coach Gino Dayton

Shayla Kumata (12) has been an outstanding paddler for the past four years and has grown and matured into a great leader for our girls team. She has learned to take on the responsibility of the steersperson these past three years. She pushes herself and the crew to do their best when out on the ocean.  Even through a knee injury from volleyball, she never complained about it and kept driving her team to do better. Shayla Kumata is our 2016 Paddling MVP because she understood our vision and goals for our team and helped them achieve it.” Coach Jen Romano

Tucker Smith (12) was our ‘go to guy.’ He filled in when players were not available. He played in the Fullback line and he played in the Midfield.  He was our designated Penalty Kick person. His hard work and leadership led the way for the team and helped in making this a successful soccer season.” Coach Geoff Maeda

Kailyn Nelson-Brown (12) has been a great player on and off the field. She really stepped up her game this year. She was consistently able to do an excellent job on the field and was a great teammate providing encouragement even when the team was feeling down. She is a great example of how hard work and dedication will exemplify any player. We are so proud to see all that she has accomplished.” Coach Sam Tateyama

Christian Tavares (10)

Angela Peralta (11)