Activist Urges Peers to Read ‘The Hate U Give’

Elaina Bolanos, REPORTER

“The Hate U Give” is a novel written by Angie Thomas that shines a light on the impact police brutality has on the lives of the people in Garden Heights, the home of our protagonist, Starr Carter.

I was thrilled when I found out that they were coming out with a movie adaptation, which debuts Oct. 19. Full of moments that will make you smile and others that twist your heart, I read the book within a matter of hours and fell in love with the author and her writing.

Living two separate lives, Starr’s worries were of her classmates thinking she was a ghetto black girl who would snap at any minute, and of her neighbors thinking  she was losing her roots. That all changes after one night.

Starr is dragged to a party by one of her friends Kenya. Kenya and Starr share a brother, Seven. While the two have that bond, they don’t have too many similarities. Kenya is ready for a fight and isn’t afraid to stand up for people.

Starr separates from Kenya in the party and runs into her old childhood friend Khalil. The two were best friends growing up, and absolutely inseparable. When a fight breaks out at the party, Starr and Khalil leave and they go for a drive. Not too long after they’re pulled over by a cop.

Events transpire and Starr is left witnessing her childhood friend getting shot and killed.

The book takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster as Starr struggles to share Khalil’s story while keeping her identity a secret to prevent her and her family from becoming a target.

This book shows how the effects of police brutality can change a person’s life, and it truly opens the eyes of the reader as they go along with Starr while she faces this hard time in her life. Some people say that books and movies like this won’t stop racism, and they’re right.

A good book isn’t going to change an entire communities opinion on something, but it does force them to open their minds as they read about struggles the protagonist goes through. “I look at books as being a form of activism because a lot of of times they’ll show us a side of the world that we may not have known about.” Angie Thomas said.

“The Hate U Give” is truly an amazing book and I urge you to read the very eye opening book and be ready to be taken on a gut wrenching ride.