Book Review: The Compound

Book Review: The Compound

Diego Cuadros, Reporter

The Compound, written by S.A. Bodeen, is about a boy named Eli Yanakakis, who lives a life of luxury in an underground nuclear shelter designed by his father. Eli, however, misses his twin brother, named Eddy, his dog, and his grandmother.

The plot thickens when Eli’s little sister, Terese, insists that the nuclear attack was set up by their dad to lead them to the compound.

On Eli’s birthday, which was also the day they entered the compound, Eli can do nothing but think, think, and think some more about what he did wrong. Was it his fault that Eddy died? Is he even dead?

When he is not doing chores or homework, he spends time exploring the extremely large compound. On one particular day, he enters the chapel and finds a bible. In this bible is a note written in his father’s handwriting, which reads “Tell Phil”.

One day, he goes in search of his father for help with his homework. He arrives at his father’s office, which he is not allowed to enter, and knocks, causing the door to open.  His father catches him and, furious, gives Eli a new chore.

Eli and his father get into a heated argument which results in a physical fight. At one point, Eli badly injures his father, and demands a code from him that will allow him to leave the shelter.

He eventually uncovers the code and they escape, leaving more question: Where is his father? Is he dead? Or will he be back for a sequel?

The book’s suspenseful plot kept me engaged and the cliffhanger compels me to want to know more and thus, look out for a sequel, should there be one. There are many unanswered questions  that makes readers not want to put down the book until its completion. The plot held my attention and Eli’s character was very relatable. I have not read any other works of S.A. Bodeen, but this book  makes me want to check them out. I recommend this book to any reader who is looking for a book with a mysterious plot.