‘TitanFall 2’: Revive or Bust?

Jacques Abellira, Reporter

“Titanfall 2” is Respawn Entertainment’s new IP, the sequel to the successful multiplayer parkour mech shooter game, well, “Titanfall.”

“Titanfall 2” is Respawn’s third game, the Titanfall series coming after “Call of Duty 2.” “Titanfall 2” features a single player campaign that puts you in the shoes of Militia pilot Jack Cooper and Vanguard-Class Titan BT-7274 on a mission to assault an IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) facility on a remote planet. It turns out to be a trap, however, and the two are thrust into a fight for survival.

While “Titanfall 2” will never be as popular as “Battlefield 1,” it has a campaign that is much longer, and, arguably more well done, than “Battlefield.”

Take this one mission, for instance, “Effect and Cause.” This mission gives you a handheld time machine to assist in your exploration of an old and decayed research facility that, interestingly, wasn’t like that a few hours ago. You use the machine to jump between timelines, fighting alien dinosaurs in the present, and squads of IMC soldiers in the past. There’s one very memorable moment where you need to jump repeatedly as you fall through a ventilation shaft, between flaming debris and spinning fan blades.

With action scenes like this, and many other great aspects, I can highly recommend this game.