Girls Dress to Impress, Creates Opposite Effect

Girls Dress to Impress, Creates Opposite Effect

In the left image, senior Keione Gilkey demonstrates how female students should not dress to school nor work. In contrast, the adjacent picture shows Gilkey modeling modest attire.

Hannah Rios, Reporter

In this day and age, the way many teenage girls dress is a reflection of how desensitized youth have become. The scarcity of clothes covering them not only shows immaturity, but is extremely inconsiderate and offensive to others around them.

In past generations, a woman’s beauty was not defined by how much skin she revealed, but by her personality and natural beauty. Social media, fashion trends, broadcast media and various daily influences such as family and peer pressure have altered the way girls view their bodies and beauty.

An ambiguous school dress code also allows for misinterpretations of what is acceptable to wear on campus and because of this many girls think it’s OK to wear clothes that may reveal too much.

Females may be surprised to learn that for some guys, being reserved or simple in one’s outward show is more attractive.

“Basically, the more skin a guy can see the more physically attractive it is. However,” senior Andrew Hutton said, “when a girl dresses modestly it shows character and proves that she’s not just trying to sleep around. So for me, I find modesty more attractive than immodesty, because I value character.”

Hutton is not alone in this belief. According to 90 percent of males who were surveyed in this unscientific poll, male students prefer females who cover up, over girls who bare too much skin.

“I think when a girl dresses modestly it isn’t bad,” sophomore Devin Livigni said. “I mean we’re guys so we want to see stuff, but no guy wants to see a girl walking around school half naked.”

Some of the guys go as far as to say that they are disturbed of this kind of behavior from teenage girls. Senior Keegan Courtright said he’s tired of “all of the promiscuous adolescent women” on campus. “Just remember, you are someone’s daughter,” he said.

“When girls cover up modestly it shows that they aren’t fishing for attention which is very attractive for a guy,” junior Owen Woelper said.  “Girls nowadays think they have to dress skimpy to get a guys attention, but that is definitely not the case.”

Dressing immodestly can lead to doing poorly in the job market. Revealing too much skin may affect a potential employer from choosing you as the right candidate for the job.

While girls have the to dress how they want,  they should consider how they look before walking out of the door in the morning.