Book Review: Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks Does It Again

Book Review: Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks Does It Again

Hannah Rios, Reporter

Nicholas Sparks is a writer known for his moving romantic novels. He published 17 books with eight of them having been turned into movies; the most recent being “Safe Haven.” I, being one who always has to read the books before the movies, decided to read his novel and immediately fell in love with the storyline.

The story follows Katie, a young woman who flees from her abusive husband and starts her life over in a small town. After moving locations many times, she cuts and dyes her hair, in hopes that he will not be able to find her. After locating her once, she makes sure to erase her identity completely and keeps to herself to avoid him tracking her down.

What I loved most about this story was Katie’s loving personality. While settling into this new town, she falls in love despite her attempts to distance herself from a widower with two young children. Concerned for everyone’s safety, she tries to keep her past a secret but ends up telling the new man of her dark past. Katie finds love in the man and his children, loving them as if they were her own.

When her abusive husband finds her, she fearlessly puts herself in harm’s way to protect the kids.

I suggest reading this book if you love suspenseful and romantic novels. The storyline will draw you in and I guarantee you will fall in love with “most” of the characters.