Kawasaki Sees Potential in Students

Kyara Peeples, Reporter

Meet Chanel Kawasaki, a Mililani High School graduate, who has experience working in both elementary and high schools. It may be her first year at Radford, but this is not her first rodeo.

“I taught at Makalapa Elementary School last year as a first grade teacher, “ she said.

A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, Kawasaki is not done with furthering her education.

“I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communication and I am currently working on my master’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English.”

Kawasaki is currently working as a resource English teacher because “I love reading and writing so English was my favorite subject in high school and still is.”

Kawasaki  said that the most rewarding part of being a teacher is helping students reach their potential. Not only does Kawasaki help her students reach their potential, but she has also said that she became a teacher because she is “passionate about the subject and about helping children learn.” Her favorite part of being a teacher is creating fun and exciting lessons.

When Kawasaki is not teaching or planning lessons, her hobbies include drawing, painting, photography, hiking, and traveling.