College Counselors Fly with Blue Angels


College counselor Malia Kau earned a spot to fly with a Blue Angel on Friday, Sept. 26. She is one of two people chosen by the Navy as a Key Influencer in the community.

Sylvia Smith, Reporter

Two high school college counselors experienced a once-in-a lifetime ride when the Blue Angels were in town last week.

Radford High School’s Malia Kau and Waianae High School’s Theresa Sanchez earned coveted seats to ride with the Blue Angel swhen they were chosen by Navy personnel as Key Influencers in their community.

“I’m super lucky to have been selected as one of the counselors that’s able to fly with the Blue Angels so I had to take this opportunity,” Kau said. “No matter, sick or not, I had to do it.”

In a Department of the Navy memo, the Blue Angels, which is the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron  “are an important tool for the Navy with the ability to generate significant media coverage wherever they perform. By incorporating Key Influencers into the Blue Angels Rider Program… [it] will maximize exposure to those who influence the decision making process of prospective recruits.”

Also stated in the same memo, “Key Influencers are defined as the people who help to shape attitudes and opinions of youth in the community. People turn to Key Influences for advice or information because they have credibility.”

Kau was nominated by the Navy recruiter assigned to Radford, and said that she was surprised but “super excited” when she received the news of her selection.

During the approximately 30-minute flight, she said, “I was surprised I wasn’t scared, and kinda in awe of being in the Blue Angels’ plane.”

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