Juniors Raise over $900 for KIND

Nicholas Wiggan, Reporter

Adviser Avi Yerlick led his junior leadership class to raise $1,300 for the Kids In Need of Desks, an organization that builds desks for children in Malawi who, otherwise, spend their school days sitting on the floor.

Junior leadership students were heard promoting the fundraiser by telling peers, “Be Kind, be kind” and offering lollipops to any person who donated a dollar.

In their attempt, they raised $918.50 which was a little shy from their goal but will still aid in getting desks to these children overseas.

The leadership class fundraised for all of the second quarter and half of third in which they had a booth under the first set of stairs in the main hallway.

“We decided to go there because it was out of the sun,” Yerlick said, “and a main place for the student body.”

“We just wanted to see how much we could raise and how we could help,” junior leadership member Jessyca Wolfford said.