Meet Jason Fatz

English, Modern History of Hawai’i, and U.S. History teacher Mr. Jason Fatz may be new to Radford, but not to teaching.

“I taught for two and half  years prior to arriving in Hawaii,” Mr. Fatz said. “My student teaching was in Northern Virginia, I taught one year of high school in La Conner, Washington, a half- year teaching in a middle school day school for students with behavioral issues, and one year of high school at Seaside, California.”

Upon returning from Iraq, Mr. Fatz was looking to find a more satisfying and rewarding career when he decided to pursue a career in education.

“Teaching had always been something that interested me and I never forgot the impact, both good and bad, that my teachers had on me.” Mr Fatz said. “I liked the challenge  of working with students each day to improve on their skills and enjoy the opportunity to continue learning alongside of them.  I wanted to try and incorporate the experiences that I have had with people that have positively impacted my life and avoid the negative examples.”

He is a graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia completing a bachelor’s of science degree in interdisciplinary social sciences with minors in both education and history and a master’s of arts degree in teaching.

“I am glad I found myself [at Radford] as it is both close to home and the student population is extraordinary,” Mr. Fatz said.

Outside of teaching, he has had a myriad of other jobs in his life.

“In high school I worked as a basketball referee, at a fast food restaurant, and at blockbuster video.  I worked part-time as a waiter at a bunch of different restaurants in my 20’s.  I was a project accountant for an environmental consulting firm and then a general contractor,” said Mr. Fatz.

Currently, he is a sergeant first class in the Army reserves where he is part of a training battalion that supports college ROTC programs.