Budget Proposal May Raise Meal Prices


School lunches like these may cost a lot more next year.

Sam Harper, Reporter

Students and parents may be in for a shock next school year when school lunch prices could increase to as much as $3.40 a meal.

Due to budget concerns, an increase in the Hawaii Department of Education’s (DOE) meal prices across the state is being considered, says Randy Moore, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of School Facilities and Support Services. The price for high school lunch could increase to a “maximum of $3.40 next year,” Moore said.

Depending on the final decision, prices could increase anywhere between an undisclosed small amount and the maximum of $3.40. The change in lunch costs will affect the campus as well as all other high schools around the state.

Approving the DOE budget is a complicated process. It involves the DOE first submitting a budget proposal, which is reviewed and approved or denied by the Board of Education and the Governor, Neil Abercrombie. After this, the state budget is finally passed or rejected by the state legislature. Due to this, a final decision on the budget may not be made until Spring of 2012.