Austin Tirona

Katherine Seed, Editor

Austin Tirona (12) will soon be joining the members of his family who have served in the United States military. The senior’s father was in the military, as well as everyone before him on both sides of his family. Tirona will be attending the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in the fall.

“The military is a tradition in my family. It’s an honor and privilege to serve your country,” Tirona said. “I will be the first in my family to become an officer, and that means a lot to me.”

After hearing about the academy from his father his entire life, he realized in the 8th grade that USNA would be the right path. Despite some difficulty, Tirona worked hard to in order to meet his goals.

“I aspire to become a seal or a pilot, and I realized that the biggest source of those two groups in the military comes from the Naval Academy,” he said. “In high school, I did not always stay focused. I messed up a couple quarters, but I bounced back. I played three sports, joined all the clubs I could handle, and started to connect with those who could help me with the process of the academy.”

He is confident he will reach his goals and achieve a stable career in the Navy.

“I plan to graduate from the Academy, and try to get picked up for a seal or pilot spot in either Coronado, Cali or Pensacola, Fl,” Tirona said. “My goals are high, but I also have made it my goal to become the first Asian-American Chief of Naval Operations. I would like to make the Navy a career. God willing.”

Tirona advice to underclassmen: “Keep grinding through high school. Try the sports you think you will hate. Apply to schools that you think you can’t make. Connect to everyone. Life won’t wait for you. Good luck to every upcoming senior.”