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Howard Pushes to Make Difference

September 14, 2017

Resource teacher Jedeye Howard is a new addition to the Radford family, teaching sophomore, junior, and senior English. Howard, a Chicago native, said he became a teacher so that he can be a gap stop between prison and high ...

Ashley King

August 15, 2017

Ashley King is a senior and a first year newswriting student at Radford High School. She’s a military dependent having lived on both sides of the United States, and now in Hawaii. Her hobbies include hanging out with her sh...

Need for Financial Literacy Long Overdue

Adaliah Collins and Brooke Howard, Reporters

May 20, 2016

A typical high school schedule reflects mathematics, English, science, history, and elective classes. However, what these core classes make up for in basic education, it lacks in financial literacy, which is an important skill student...

‘Terminator: Genisys’ Falls Short of Expectations

Adaliah Collins, Reporter

September 16, 2015

The sequel to the “Terminator” franchise has fans, new and old, lining up at the theater doors since July 1, 2015. The new installment brought in only $27.97 million after two weeks of its debut. The “Terminator” franchise made its way back to...

Tereschuk Joins Favorite Team

Alyssa Green, Reporter

September 2, 2015

Thomas Tereschuk is a first year Ram, teaching sophomore and senior English, but is no stranger to education. “I’ve been in education for a long time,” Tereschuk said. “I’d say 28 or 29 years.” A transplant from southern California, he  rega...

Radford vs. Kalani @ Aiea

August 31, 2015

Varsity 53-6

Transgender community, allies unite to push Leelah’s Law

Hanh Pham, Editor

March 17, 2015

Back in late December, a transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn (born Josh Alcorn), committed suicide due to the disapproval of her devout parents, and the inability to see a future in which she could live as she wanted to. Her death cause...

Mainstream media erases presence of minorities in America

Hanh Pham, Editor

March 17, 2015

Star Trek: Into Darkness. Avatar: the Last Airbender. Exodus: Gods and Kings - movies that all share a commonality, and it’s not the colon that’s embedded in the title. All of these productions have brought on a white actor...

Seniors make news with internships

The RamPage, Reporters

January 30, 2015

Oliana Moe Senior Oliana Moe is usually in the spotlight for emceeing student activities and assemblies. However, her pursuits outside of school cast a brighter light on her when she was selected as one of Senator Brian Schatz’ ...

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