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Shimabukuro Commits to Excellence

Hanh Pham, Editor

September 3, 2014

Richard Shimabukuro is the newest Assistant Principal to Radford High School’s administration team. Working as an educator for 24 years, he was recently employed at Hickam Elementary School as vice principal and then, principal. Shimabukuro...

Nino Trades Teaching for Blogging

Sam Nguyen and Alexis Nichols, Reporters

March 7, 2014

Vashelle Nino spent a semester working as a sophomore and senior English teacher when she made the decision to leave the teaching profession. However, she didn’t stray far from her classroom because she currently works as a li...

Uale Helps Hawai’i Families Torn by Adversity

Courtney Ortega & Nicholas Wiggan, Editor-In-Chief, Reporter

February 11, 2014

A striking man appeared before the teen audience in room 261 at this year’s Career Day. Exuding a strong presence combined with a warm personality, he introduced himself as Bode Uale, Oahu’s First Circuit Family Court Judge...

Kan Struggles to Please Parents

Hanh Pham, Al Rosario, Reporter

February 11, 2014

Junior Vanessa Kan said that she strives to get away from “this rock,” and she wants to attend school at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. However, Kan’s tense relationship with her family might cause her to escap...

Dote Assembles Fun

Al Rosario, Reporter

February 11, 2014

Although he works at home, Brian Dote puts in long hours to meet his deadlines. During the school’s annual Career Day, he used a creative PowerPoint to share about his career as a software developer. Growing up he was always interested i...

Executive Chef Emphasizes Passion

Hanh Pham, Reporter

February 11, 2014

Starting off as a dishwasher, local boy Thomas Ho’s perseverance and passion for cooking allowed him to advance in the kitchen. Now, he works as an executive chef at 53 By The Sea, in charge of over 30 people, including dishwashers,...

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