Hurricane Lane Blog

Katherine Seed, Editor


Hurricane Lane has been the focused topic on all of my social media and how the category 4 hurricane could be a potential threat to the island of Oahu. I scrolled through my twitter, skimming through the several warnings, updates, jokes, and prayers consuming my feed. My friends on snapchat shared their massive supplies of water bottles and flashlights on their stories, with a small caption about how all must be prepared.

Initially, I was aware the hurricane was spiraling down to our area. My AP Government teacher, Mr. Sankey, had been keeping my class updated on the hurricanes progression precedent to all of the panic. I had thought very little of it, until rumors of cancelling school surfaced. When my phone buzzed due to an incoming text from my mom, informing me that we would have no school Thursday or Friday, it dawned upon me that the situation could be serious.



After sleeping in since school was cancelled, I went downstairs to see my mom on the computer. Next to her sat filled hydro-flasks and water bottles on the counter. Since the day before, my family stocked up on food and plenty of water, I was a little confused why they were out, so I asked. My mom looked at me with a serious look in her eyes and told me, “We don’t know if we’ll be without power and for how long.” She was concerned that we may not have enough water if worst comes to worst.

I felt ridiculous, since my biggest concern was if my online assignments were still due today even if school was cancelled. I didn’t know what to do, since I saw my online assignments due dates were pushed to Monday and it wouldn’t make sense to make plans with friends while the wind was blowing so strong that I could hear it.