Music Plays Through the Generations

Brandon Lane, Sports Editor

From hip hop to rock, music has changed and somehow new sounds are found on a daily basis. Music can be a significant part of people’s lives today. It can help someone push himself to go the extra mile, relax others in times of stress, and can even change someone’s life. It may lead someone to pursuing music as a career choice or even develop a new attitude towards life; in contrast, music can also tempt individuals to commit an act of crime by downloading music illegally.

The 21st century has brought in a new era of music. Memorable stars have found their way while previous artists have passed the torch. This includes multiple rock bands, country star and hip hop/rap artists such as Eminem and Dr. Dre.

“Some artists that are ‘original,’ aren’t very creative,” junior Darryl Hicks said. “Today, artists just sound repetitive throughout their songs.”

Music is not restricted to the youth. Teachers also have their preferences in music. Physics teacher Mr. Al Mallory said that his favorite band is the Beatles.

Multiple genres stand out among the rest. In an informal survey, three out of ten students preferred genre was rock, four students favored hip-hop, two chose techno, and one identified with country.

On the flip side,  among these ten students, three disliked metal, three disliked country, two disliked rap, and two disliked techno.